Designing a poster for a ministry event is never a simple task. Not only is there a need for conveying information clearly, the design of the title and/or logo must also express the weight and meaning behind the entire event.

With this year’s Youth Ecclesia being the first one in 5 years, I didn’t have any previous posters to build on. But after talking with the director and pastors in charge, we were able to boil down the main essence of Ecclesia into three phrases:

  • Encounter God
  • Be Transformed
  • Serve Empowered

It was this theme of transformation that I wanted to focus on. As this event was for the youth, I wanted to make the design bold yet also relatable to the adult event which has its own history and meaning for the adults.

After searching a lot of vector images for many hours, I was able to decide on this bold gradient background that went from red to yellow. The bold transitions display the bold transformations that we desire our students to experience through the event.

With the title logo, I wanted to incorporate the Korean title logo which they used for the adult events for many years. Since they use it for every Ecclesia, it would provide a continuity and relatability between the youth and the adults. Since the style of the Korean title logo was made with a handwritten brushed font, I knew I wanted to connect that by going with something handwritten and a kind of calligraphy.

Hope you enjoy this design!
Click below to download the Youth Ecclesia designs.