The new year began at Promise Church with a 13-week Family Worship campaign where the pastors of all the ministries have come together to preach each week from the same Bible passages from the Book of Daniel. And although I haven’t been preaching, this is a little insight as to why my current Word Studies are from the Book of Daniel.

In preparation for this campaign, the Education Support Team was tasked to prepare the 13-week resource for families to use for their family worship times. We knew that we could not provide just the weekly family worship materials. So, in an effort to be as helpful and useful as possible, many of the education pastors got together and prepared resources and tips for parents to include within the weekly family worship materials.

I then brought it all together into a cohesive book. It was my first time using Adobe InDesign to create a book. Thankfully, my knowledge of Adobe Illustrator was extremely helpful.

I wanted something that the whole family would enjoy opening so I looked for a large set of illustrations of family to be included in between each week. I also brought the design together by including line art icons that followed the same design language.

It’s by far the most comprehensive book design I’ve done since the closest to something like this that I’ve ever tried to do is retreat booklets. I learned a lot through the process and I’m still not satisfied with a lot of the layouts and elements of design but if I ever have another chance at it, I know I’ll have a template to look back on that gives me new ideas to improve on in the future.

Below are a few pages from the book!

You can download the PDF version of the book for free on the church’s main website until March 31, 2019. Look for the Family Worship PDF Download link on the homepage.