Introducing Promise International Fellowship!

Promise International Fellowship (PIF) is:

“the English-speaking congregation of our Promise Ministries International (PMI). We are a church passionate about discipleship and missions, impacting both local and global communities through spreading the gospel to the next generation.” (

Designing Quickly

I’ve recently been given the opportunity to serve as the PIF college pastor and although my role and responsibilities does not consist of design, when an opportunity came to us to reach out to potentially 1,500 new college students at LaGuardia Community College, we had to do something. We were short on time so using the design themes of the church website, I quickly created a general invitation postcard that we could hand out. Although the opportunity didn’t fall through for us this time, it has now allowed us to be prepared whenever the next opportunity arises!

Through this design, I have come to really appreciate the work and effort that others had done in the past to create a unified design sense in branding for the ministry. While many posters and designs take days to complete, this literally took only about three hours to finalize from conception to approval. I have to really highlight that the only reason this was possible so quickly was because of the time and energy put in by others to create and design the website as well as have a unifying font for the ministry. The hard work and effort the multimedia team has put over the years really does pay off big.

The Takeaway

The more solid our foundations of design and the more solid our brand identity, the easier it is for the team and for others to build upon it for different projects and new design iterations.

Enjoy the design and please visit us! You’re Invited!


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