Notes from SBTS Chapel

The Secret Things

The Bible is clear to distinguish that there are things we do not know and things we don’t even know to know. Theologically, we ask questions of God’s will, sovereignty, providence and predestination but these belong to the Lord. The world rejects this idea and rebels against it. However, it is a comfort to us because the secret things are safe with God.

The Things Revealed

These are not self-revealed. They are revealed because God chose to reveal them. While the world tries to push the revelation of God out of its definition of life and identity and understanding, we understand that humanity and the whole universe is imbued with the revelation of God. The things revealed belong to us not because of who we are, but because whose we are. And it is not just for us, but for those who come behind us. We did not choose the Bible, God gave it to us.


For us personally, for us as a church, for us as a seminary. We stand upon what has been revealed by God and for the sake of those after us. All our studies are not about us, it is about those whom we will serve. As students and teachers, we are being a conduit of God’s truth to God’s people. We don’t need to fear the unknown because all things belong to the Lord and we can trust in Him.