Notes from SBTS Chapel

Standing Firm in One Spirit

Hold the line and stand your ground together. We can only stand together if we stand in the power of the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit, we fracture. The only one who causes us to stand together is the Holy Spirit.

Strive Together

We are not only called to stand firm, but we are called to contend together for the gospel. It requires extraordinary unity. A church that is united in the focus of gospel proclamation and evangelism will be a church that overcomes division and discord. A church that is inward focused and indifferent to the lostness of its community and apathetic to human suffering will be a church ripe for bitterness, malice, enmity and division. If we fail to find unity in the gospel, the power of our witness in the world is weakened.

Don’t be Frightened

When we are marked by standing firm and striving together in unity, we will find courage. This is a promise and assurance for a suffering and persecuted church.


The aim of our life is singular. Live your life worthy of the gospel of Christ. How you live reflects who you are. And not in order to gain God’s favor but rather as a response to the grace that we have received in Christ. The effects of living a life worthy of the gospel of Christ is unity.