Notes from SBTS Chapel

Woman With the Vial of Perfume

Prior to this scene, Jesus had raised someone from the dead and people proclaimed he was a great prophet. Simon the Pharisee, who had invited Jesus to dinner, thinks Jesus must not be a prophet because a prophet would know what kind of woman she was and not allow her to touch him.

The Parable of the Moneylender and Two Debtors

Jesus uses a parable to ask which of the forgiven debtors will love the gracious moneylender more, the one who owed five hundred or the one who owed fifty. And he forgives her sins.

Who is Jesus?

It is possible to be advanced in religious knowledge and behavior and yet remain unconverted in the heart. It is possible for the impossible to be saved and forgiven.


Jesus is found in our text, sharing a meal with a Pharisee, a member of those who were opposed to him. Looking at the greater context, this meal is a culmination of prior events with the question of who Jesus is. Jesus reached out to the outcasts as well as the hypocritical. In the same way, we ought to do the same.