Notes from SBTS Chapel

Assurance of Salvation

This is the assurance that is not based on baptism which led to infant baptism, an assurance not based on the catholic church, but by justification by faith alone. The source of our assurance is not in the Christian but in Christ.

Elevation of the Human Will

Arminianism claimed that it is possible under a permanent loss of faith to fall away from Christ. Objective salvation vs subjective salvation. Is the statement “Once saved, always saved” true? It was not our confession, it was Christ’s forgiveness.

Argument Against Apostasy

(John 10:28, 37, 39; Ephesians 4:30; Jude 1:24; Romans 8:29-30; Romans 11:29) If Christ has brought us into himself, we cannot bring ourselves out. Regeneration, the new life in Christ given to us in salvation is not something we have the power or ability to revoke.
If we could lose our salvation, we would. We will.


If it is yours, you can lose salvation. But if it is Christ’s, you cannot. This is the assurance we have in the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the confidence and boldness found in faith in Jesus.