Notes from SBTS Chapel

There are many who fear whether there is or is no integrity to the church, to the faith. There seems to be no integrity to religion in the book of 1st and 2nd Kings as we see king after king fail.

The Critical Fracture in the Integrity of the Kingdom

Although King Hezekiah was good and commendable, he is found wanting and in need of a Messiah. The envoys of Babylon have come not simply out of curiosity but for geopolitical reasons. They came to see the visible power and wealth of Israel and Hezekiah does exactly that. Boasting in the Lord according to the criteria of the world and not of the criteria of the Cross.

Not the Way of the Cross

The challenges we face in our integrity of faith will not necessarily be to do evil, although those temptations remain, but the most dangerous challenge will be to do good things in worldly ways. To rely on and choose things whether or not it is from the Lord.

The Blinding Effects of Fractured Integrity

Hezekiah considers the wealth and power to be his own and not of the Lord. Isaiah prophecies the fall and ruin of the kingdom of Judah and Hezekiah’s response is tragic.


Our perspective to faith is vital. Our integrity fails when we look only to our own benefit and comfort. We are making decisions right now that will have everything to do with who will hear the words that you say.