Notes from SBTS Chapel

Build a Firm Foundation

Before we can consider trials as joy, we must be prepared and in a place of surrender to Christ as we cling and hope in God’s perfect will and plan. It takes intentionality, effort, and inspection. Return to the fundamentals of faith. We must be broken so that God might shape us in his image and confess that the Lord is our strength and shield so that we might embrace a joy, a happiness that circumstances cannot change.

Develop Spiritual Grit

Courage and resolve, strength of character. What is steadfastness? It is when we remain under the trial and trust God to produce something within us. What is it going to take to discourage you today? Develop spiritual grit. When we do not, we give permission for all those we lead to step away from what God’s trying to do in their lives. “The diamond that does not remain under the chisel will never become a precious jewel.”

Establish the Correct Goal

If it is anything other than being found complete in Christ, we are chasing futility. When Jesus adopted us as sons and daughters, we were not given just a little bit of him, he gave himself fully.


Trials and the testing of our faith matures us in Christ. And we consider these trials and tests as joy not because we enjoy the hardships but because of what kind of fruit it will bear in us.