Notes from SBTS Chapel

In the passage today, we see the importance of Peter in the early church. People were coming to Christ by the thousands through his ministry. He heals a paralyzed man on the way to the temple. He stands defiant to the Jewish Council by continuing to proclaim Jesus as the Christ. He rebukes the sin of Ananias and Sapphira. The power of God was so much on him that people believed that even his shadow would heal them.

What kind of shadow do you cast?

Is it for good or for evil? Is it to build up or destroy? Is it for Christ or for the devil? Is it for God’s glory or for your own? Our shadows follow us. It never falls on us. It always falls on someone else. We may not be aware but we all have influence.

Some of us may have regrets about what kinds of shadows that we casted in the past. We may wonder if we could ever be used by God. But we can take heart as we look at Peter. His past was that of doubt in Jesus and a denying of Jesus. After the resurrection, Jesus meets Peter in his failure and restores him. No matter what we have done, God can redeem you.


Our shadow falls over people around us. Our sons and daughters, our communities and workplaces. Despite our sins and shortcomings, may it be that our shadows have been above all else for Christ.