During this unique season of lockdown, many people are experiencing spiritual renewal and deeper intimacy with God than ever before. And with the extended time at home, family relationships are being reconciled and people are seeking God more than ever.

I hope that this blog will help those who want to grow in the practice and discipline of waiting on God. The Christian faith requires practice and discipline as the flesh and the Spirit continue to be against one another. And although there are many quick inspirational quotes that may be available to us, if we have not put our hands to plow ourselves, the faith of others won’t be able to carry us through the valleys and deserts of our lives.

I can imagine that there are those who have come to realize what kind of shallow faith they had as we continue to live through this pandemic.

So before we can get to anything else, I’d like to take some time to help us examine our spiritual condition right now by reflecting on one question each day that J.C. Ryle suggests to help us discover the truth of our spiritual condition.

Today’s Question:
Do you ever think about your spiritual condition at all?

“Do you ever think about your spiritual condition at all? Sadly, there are many who never think at all about salvation. They never stop to think seriously about death and judgment, about eternity, about heaven and hell. They are too concerned with business, pleasure, their family, politics or money. They live as though they were never going to die and stand before the judgment of God. Such people are really bringing themselves down to the level of animals, for they never think about the most important matters of life.”

J.C. Ryle, Walking with God (Abridged and simplified version of Practical Religion)

This crisis that the world is in and all the struggles that come along with it is also a time to remind us of how oblivious we were to the important things in life. How was it that I was so busy with myself before COVID-19?

We may never understand why these things are happening right now but what we are able to do is decide how we will respond to it. It’s time now to shift our perspective towards eternity. It is important now to take our circumstances as a test for the genuineness of our faith. The next few days will help guide us in that endeavor but if we find that Jesus was never in us, it’s my prayer that God would use this time to put faith in you and bring you to salvation.

Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Or do you not realize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you?—unless indeed you fail to meet the test!

2 Corinthians 13:5