The satisfaction of the true Christian is unlike the satisfaction of the unbeliever. The world chases after success, fame, power and pleasure and being satisfied is dependent on the degree to which what they chase is fulfilled. Although we do see people who find contentment, which in the worldly sense is basically a compromise not to keep searching for more satisfaction, I can be certain that nobody has ever found full satisfaction.

Today’s question:
Are you trying to satisfy your conscience with outward religion?

Many make this mistake. Their Christianity consists entirely in outward duties. They attend all the meetings for worship. They are never missing from the Lord’s Supper. They may hold very strongly to the particular teachings of their church, and argue with anyone who does not agree with them. Yet, for all this, there is no devotion to Christ in their hearts. Their religion does not satisfy them, for they know nothing of inward joy and peace. Perhaps secretly in their hearts they know that something is wrong, but they don’t know what. I appeal to you, then, to examine yourself. If you care about your salvation, do not rest content with mere outward observances. You must have much more than that to be saved.

J.C. Ryle, Walking with God (Abridged and simplified version of Practical Religion)

Think about it. Imagine you had literally everything you wanted. And then what? You would meet your end in death and this is where my certainty rests. We could never be fully satisfied in this world because we could never really have everything we ever wanted.

However, the satisfaction of the true Christian is completely different. Our satisfaction is complete in Jesus. Because total and eternal satisfaction can only be found in the one who is total and eternal. In other words, it can only be found in God and Jesus made the way for us by his life and death and resurrection.

Total and eternal satisfaction can only be found in the one who is total and eternal. In other words, it can only be found in God.

And so the true Christian has the keys to satisfaction. Satisfaction that is not based on results or merit but now secured in the result and merit, in other words the righteousness, of Jesus that gives the Christian the power to remain faithful and holy in communion with God. 

How does this look in our lives? Failure or success no longer affects our satisfaction and joy. We can worship God through the valleys and the deserts of life and even through our mourning and laments.

And it is through trials and testing where we come to recognize what our satisfactions were rooted in. That is why this pandemic is helping us to be honest with our faith. I know there are some who realize that all the events, gatherings and fellowships with Christians is what sustained their satisfaction before and now their supposed faith is crumbling down as there is no other reason to keep up the facade of faith.

I don’t know how many are beginning to recognize this reality in their lives as we go through these questions each day. But if you are in that place, I pray that you would recognize the mercy of God for revealing it to you and begin to open up to a trusted Christian around you to help you during this time to find true faith.