The gift of salvation and the forgiveness for our sins was given to us to receive freely. But it was bought with a cost. And this cost was the life of God’s only begotten son, Jesus Christ who suffered and died on the cross.

Many illustrations have been made to describe this cost, like the story of the train bridge operator who has to choose whether to lower the bridge to save the people on the train or save his son who got stuck in the gears under the bridge. It is a moving video as the father sacrifices his son to save the people on the train.

And yet it is an incomplete illustration. Because unlike this son who gets stuck in the gears, Jesus, the son of God willingly came and died for us.

Today’s question:
Have your sins been forgiven?

You know in your heart that you are a sinner – that you have fallen short of God’s standards in thought, in word, and in deed. You know, therefore, that if on the last day your sins have not been forgiven, you must be condemned for ever. Now it is the glory of the Christian faith that it provides exactly the forgiveness that you need – complete, free, eternal forgiveness. This forgiveness has been bought for us by the Lord Jesus Christ, by His coming into the world to be our Saviour, and by His living, dying and rising again as our substitute. But although this forgiveness is perfectly free, it is not given to us automatically. You do not receive it simply by going to a Christian church, or even by becoming a member of one. It is something which each person must take hold of for himself by exercising personal faith. If you do not make it your own by faith, then as far as you are concerned Christ might as well not have died. Faith is simply a humble, sincere, trust in the Lord Jesus to save you. All who personally trust in Him are immediately accepted and forgiven, but without this trust there is no forgiveness at all.

J.C. Ryle, Walking with God (Abridged and simplified version of Practical Religion)

There are some who pride themselves of being saints of God, living with such confidence and outwardly may seem like it is of great faith. But those who are true saints are the most humblest and down to earth. They are those who are not blinded by prestige, power or fame.

The true Christian cannot so quickly boast of their salvation and justification because salvation and Christ’s sacrifice are inextricably linked together. You cannot have one without the other. The more we live in the reality of our salvation and justification, the more we are humbled by the ever growing magnitude of Christ’s sacrifice.

Therefore our trust in the forgiveness offered to us in Jesus Christ is a humbling trust. We had no good thing in us to earn salvation. We were enemies of God and people of wrath. For those of us who trust in Jesus, we can be assured of our forgiveness because of His ultimate sacrifice.

I invite you today to be reminded of the gospel and continue to remain in it. We do not start with the gospel so that we “improve” or “reach” something else. Let the grace and mercy of the forgiveness of sins bought by His sacrifice lead you to repentance.