When you read through the Old Testament, there are moments where the people of God lay down memorial stones to remember God’s faithfulness and power. These stones are used as a reminder for all the people and to show the generations to come of who God is.

During this time of quarantine, it is my prayer that God’s people would come out of this season with memorial stones. But for us to have any, we must first put our faith and trust in God and live according to what He says.

For the next few days, I’d like to revisit some memorial stones of my personal life and at the end, I’d like to start sharing about the memorial stones for this particular season that we are in. As I revisit key moments of my life, I’d like to invite each one of us to do the same in their own lives. Remember how you were saved. Remember the moments of revelation and breakthrough. Remember the trials and struggles you’ve overcome. Remember the moments of humility and surrender. Remember when God awakened your passions. Remember the convictions of the Holy Spirit. Remember the quiet place, the sacred space, the moments of private devotion.

Memorial stones are not only there to remind us and teach others of who God is, but they also lead us to worship. And as we remember, if our thoughts have been far from how God will shape us and lead us through this time and we have no expectations for anything to come of this season, I pray that our memorial stones will lead us to once again hope and trust in God and expect the impossible once again. I pray that we would be led to turn to God in worship.

And I am praying for a maturity of faith in us where we do not need these memorial stones any longer to keep our hope and trust in God. I am praying that we will be built up in all things so that more than for ourselves, these memorial stones would be a testimony for others. The best way for that to happen is if we completely surrender to God’s will and give him our absolute devotion. 

A person who is absolutely devoted to God will be a force to be reckoned with. That person will not only have constant and daily memorial stones, that person will also remember each one to testify to the world of who our God is. We don’t find God’s will by looking for His signs and wonders and miracles. We will see His signs and His power everywhere when we are in the place of absolute surrender and devotion to God.

Prepare your memorial stones during this season of lockdown. Don’t waste your time in the frivolousness of this world and sow into the labors of devotion. For the one who sows sparingly will reap sparingly but the one who sows generously will reap a harvest hundreds of times over.