It seems fitting to begin my memories of God’s faithfulness by recollecting when faith came alive in me. Think of the moment you came to receive the saving knowledge of our savior Jesus Christ. 

We may have had access to the Bible and we may have been convinced in some ways by its words but someone needed to point us in the right direction, just as Philip did for the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8). Or we may have come to believe in God through dreams and personal revelation but someone needed to come and explain it, just as Peter did for Cornelius the centurion (Acts 10). Or we may have never had any idea about Jesus but someone’s life and testimony convinced you to salvation, just as Peter did for the crowds during Pentecost (Acts 2).

Whatever our story of coming to faith is, God has uniquely positioned us to help others come to know our Savior. It’s with this in mind that I share this memorial stone with us today.

Do you know how I was saved? It was at a regular Sunday service at church. There was nothing out of the ordinary that day.

I grew up going to church but when I entered middle school, our family moved around a lot. Within a span of one school year, we went from NY to LA to NJ. And having finally ended up in NJ, we found a church and we began to go there every week and I attended the youth group.

It was a very cliquey youth group. But I was also very shy. And so for the first few weeks, I just slipped in and slipped out.

But one Sunday morning, as I was walking through the church cafeteria the praise team leader of the youth group, this guy in high school, came up to me to shake my hand.

And he said, “Hey, you’re new here right? My name is Hans! I’m glad you’re here.”

Or something to that effect. It was a simple gesture of welcoming. But his simple words of welcoming made a powerful impression on me. So much so that I began to wonder what was different about him. I began to wonder about what he had that I didn’t. And it led me to talk to God seriously for the first time during the worship service that Sunday. And I asked God, whatever that guy has, I want it. That’s how I was saved!

And looking back, I realize he had the power of the Holy Spirit.

When we live by the power of the Holy Spirit, one simple handshake, one simple hello, can change someone’s life for eternity.

The smallest actions can make an eternal impact. I pray that you would live today knowing that one small act of kindness could release the full power of God and bring healing, restoration and salvation in someone’s life.