As I was preparing for this week, I had a lot of things I wanted to share about building habits of prayer. But with all the recent news and events, I was convicted that more than just talking about how to pray more, we needed to pray and we could learn more about prayer by just praying through this time together. Prayer is something we need to learn. The disciples asked Jesus how they should pray. And one of the best ways to learn is by praying with others.

And we did just that. It was very helpful to process what was going on internally to say the least and I do believe it has led to much change in the hearts of those who joined us as well.

As Christians, our faith is not separate from the rest of our lives. If the principles and values that we hear preached on Sundays only applies when it’s in the context of church but not to the rest of our week, if our faith cannot speak into our tragedies and sufferings that we face in life, there would be no reason to hold onto it. And if all that we talk about in our times together at Fresh Mornings can’t apply to what is going on now in the world as well, these meetings are also useless. But I know for certain that our faith does speak into all our lives and God has answered our pain, our suffering, our anger and confusions.

If anything, God is awakening the Church through this time. I feel like God softened the hearts of his people through the struggles and fears and sorrows of the pandemic to be ready for the overwhelming conviction for repentance, racial reconciliation, justice and peace. 

Now more than ever, the church is actually coming together in beautiful ways. I saw it first through this pandemic. My church began to gather virtually like never before. We began to gain a greater heart for worship and prayer as we realized how precious those times were when we were able to come together.

If our faith, if our prayers, if our worship, is powerless during this time in our fight against injustice, and by powerless, I mean irrelevant to the conversation, then there is no point in having faith.

We will not pray if we do not believe that God is sovereign, that he is in control of everything, that God is almighty, that he has the power to do the impossible, that God is good, that he is just and righteous and that God hears our prayers and God answers them.

But if we do believe all this, then it’s not about how loud we shout and how many gather on the streets, and ultimately it’s not about the results of our actions, about how successful we are with what we want to accomplish and how many people we’ve influenced.

It’s about how faithful we have been in our actions, not faithful to a movement, not to a goal, but faithful to God. Then our prayers will become our weapon to fight injustice. Because in Jesus alone is there true reconciliation and peace.

There are still many things being processed and a lot more to be said of course but keeping in context with these habits of faith each week at Fresh Mornings, I would love to continue discussing and processing with anyone who wants to.

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