This is the question that Dr. Dharius Daniels seeks to answer in his message at the 2019 Orange Conference, a conference designed to equip entire family ministry team in churches so that the church (light) and the home (heart) come together for greater impact (orange).

Notes and reflections from the message

In big and small churches alike, you may have experienced how there seems to always be a few who bear a large portion of the burden to serve and lead ministries. This message is a powerful reminder that in our serving, we are not simply doers of activities and programs. We are not simply ushers, Sunday school teachers, or facilitators of events and programs. We are as Daniels says, “purpose partners” who have been given the most spiritual task of helping other people discover their purpose.

We are “fire seeds” of kindling to set aflame the passions that may lie undiscovered or dormant in not only the people who gather with to worship on Sundays but every single person in our sphere of influence. Who are the people in our sphere of influence? The beauty of our spheres of influence is that there is no limit to the scope of our influence. We influence at every new step, at every new encounter, at every new decision we make in our lives. And to make clear, these passions in us all, the purpose of our lives, goes beyond our jobs and careers but to the singular calling of knowing and loving Jesus Christ which is expressed and reflected in our lives in ever intricate and beautiful ways for the glory of God.

I don’t know how you got to the saving faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ but once you arrived, you were commissioned by God to be His witness and go and make disciples of all nations. It was not simply to be a morally good person and faithful attendee of church. You are called to be life-changers. You are world-changers. The key for us to recognize is that by the Holy Spirit, even through mundane tasks like stacking chairs and sweeping floors, we are transforming people’s lives. By the power of God, the impact of our welcoming smiles and giving someone a ride home are full of boundless opportunities for joy and life and worship.

However, we get it wrong when the purpose ends with ourselves. How many times have ministries had to restart and recuperate after a long standing staff or volunteer leaves or steps down even for legitimate reasons. No matter how amazing the fruit of ministry had been, if it ends with one person or one generation, we have not fulfilled our God-given purpose.

And so the be a purpose partner, partnering with people to help them find their purpose is a tremendous responsibility and role in the Kingdom of God. It is tremendous because of the life changing influence you hold. That’s why you must make this purpose to be purpose partners your priority. That’s why your life must be weighed by a higher standard and be committed and devoted to people beyond what’s expected. Not because I said so, but for the sake of God’s glory.

I can’t promise you that you’ll be successful in life and things will go well for you because of your sacrifice and devotion. I can’t promise you that you’ll receive in return all that you put in. But I can promise you that you will become more like Jesus and God will be glorified in your life.