Back at the end of the Summer of 2019, I began having a conversation with a couple of people about a vision of creating a community of creatives who would make Gospel impact in our city. That birthed Created For More NYC (IG: and we began to pray and dream together throughout the winter. And then COVID-19 hit our city hard and everything got cancelled. But as the summer began, we decided that we could still start something and bring encouragement and hope during these unsettling times so we reached out to everyone we knew and planned five amazing dance workshops on Zoom for the creative community in NYC.

we are // created for more.

The heart behind CFM is rooted in our Christian faith towards cultural impact and Gospel influence. We’ve come together because we believed that we’re created for more. We are committed to share the love of Jesus through art and be a creative influence through the expression of our faith.

Stay tuned for more updates and if you are interested in learning more, visit our IG and subscribe to our Youtube channel!