In this message, Putti Sok shares her testimony of the impact and blessings of evangelism and Paul Worcester shares God’s heart for the lost.

Notes and reflections from the message

This is a message for everyone and anyone who considers themselves a Christian. Our roles and responsibilities in life take each of us to different places, moments and relationships. However, if we are to properly consider ourselves someone who has been redeemed by Jesus Christ, we must be a people overwhelmed with a heart of compassion for the lost.

If you’ve served in church or in any Christian leadership role, you’ll probably have had multiple experiences and training in evangelism. But evangelism isn’t simply a tool we learn to do. Evangelism is at very center of God’s heart and I pray that the Holy Spirit would move in your heart in fresh new ways on the topic of evangelism through this message.

Below are some points that struck me from the messages.

  • Our testimony is powerful because the Gospel is powerful.
  • Recognize that lost people do not know how to be saved.
  • I pray that I would be sick to my stomach when I see the lost.
  • It’s impossible to exaggerate the urgency for eternity.
  • Do you want to see people come to Christ? Start sharing the Gospel.
  • Focus on the power of God, not our own polished presentation.
  • Don’t be paralyzed by over-analysis.