In this message at Global Project 2020, Pastor J.D. Greear speaks on what it looks like for all Christians to fulfill the Great Commission. Global Project is an initiative started by Campus Ministry Today, a ministry focused on supporting and equipping college ministries to help reach, train, and send students to the nations.

Notes and reflections from the message

The myth of “calling” is that it is something that is exclusive for only certain special people. But this is not the case. Our salvation comes with a call for all of us in the Great Commission (Matthew 28). So the question is not ‘if’ we are called. The question is ‘where’ and ‘how’ we are called.

We only have two choices. We either leave our career to be a missionary or leverage our career and life for the mission of God. The call to be a witness in this world is not for a few Christians but for all of us. We are not called for only a season to be on mission for God and then let someone else do it. We don’t go on from doing these “elementary” tasks of sharing the Gospel to “greater” tasks of sending others to do it. We are not here to just send others to go help people find salvation, purpose and calling, we are all called to go and do as we send and help.

What does this mean for you? This means we are not to be merely associated with the church through a kind of position or responsibility given to us. We cannot settle to just being a good influence, a good person, or a helpful and moral person. We are to be the salt and light of this world and be a people who specifically and intentionally live out the Gospel. We must prioritize our lives and I will use this unpopular word but we must sacrifice and invest our lives to be: disciple making disciples. This is the foundation before everything else we as leaders do as a ministry and as a church. Let each of us focus on leading and building community groups and disciples, whether we have an official title or not.