What convictions do you live by?

Conviction is “a firmly held belief or opinion” that is so strong, it motivates the decisions we make and influences our perspective in life. And in this way, it can be argued that we are not truly living if we do not hold to convictions we live by.

Convictions help us to live towards what we want most. However, even then, some convictions lead to life while others lead to death. For the Christian, all our desires are found in the person of Jesus Christ. Everything else that we might seek to find identity, worth and fulfillment is a shadow and/or false imitation compared to Jesus.

Make it a habit to focus on the convictions that move you towards Christ. It’s not always the same thing for people and it can be drastically different from person to person. The key is to always make sure that your convictions are leading you closer to Christ rather than overruling your devotion to Christ. 

As you live more and more by your convictions, you will begin to find yourself maturing in faith and growing in greater love for God. Because ultimately, God’s placed those specific convictions in your heart for the purpose of coming to know His heart more deeply.

And if you were wondering what my convictions were, the main one I always stand on is, “live simply, give lavishly.”