What do you worship?

Every single person worships something. If they are not worshipping God the Creator, they are worshipping something else that God has created. People worship themselves or someone else while others worship ideas and causes. The fact is, the reason we worship is because God had created us to worship Him. It’s the purpose of our existence. 

The reality is, what we worship reveals what is most important to us. But is what we worship worthy of our worship? Is what we worship trustworthy and reliable and true? If it is not God, it is not worthy. If it is not God, it will deceive you and ultimately fail you.

But even Christians who claim they worship God can mistaken religion for worship. Worship isn’t simply attending Sunday Worship or keeping up with a Bible reading plan and daily prayer.

The worship that is worthy of God and that is received by God happens when God is made first and ultimate in our lives. When we are more impacted by God’s Word rather than the words of others. When we are more focused on loving God rather than being loved by others. If we do not worship God rightly, we can gain the whole world yet still forfeit our souls. Outwardly, we may see progress and improvement, but inwardly, we can continue to waste away.

True worship transforms us. True worship is powerful. When we truly worship God by placing him on the throne of our lives and submit to his Word in devotion and obedience, we can lose everything in this world and yet overflow with a living hope and an unending joy. Outwardly, we may see trials and tribulations, but inwardly, we will be a wellspring of everlasting life and peace.