Is your life moving too fast or not fast enough?

Our lives are inundated with information through social media, news and entertainment right at our finger tips. We keep updated with our friends and updated on the latest trends and breaking news. And although we expect to be more connected with people in our lives and experience a better life with more information, we find ourselves more disconnected and lost.

This experience of disconnect from so much information leads to anxiety and fear in our lives and this also relates to our relationship with God as well. And instead of slowing down, we move even faster and have either become so busy updating ourselves or anxious of not seeing enough progress in our lives. However, is it any wonder that we find ourselves anxious and so busy and have no time for people when we spend hours on our social media feeds and binge entire seasons of shows online?

The reason we feel like life is moving too fast or not fast enough comes down to the fact that we are always dangerously preoccupied with what’s coming next or regretting what happened in the past that we cannot appreciate what God is doing right now. When we are so fixated on the ‘next’ or so crippled by ‘what if?’ we are blinded to the moments of grace God has given us every moment of our day.

Slow down.

Make deliberate effort to slow down. Turn off your phone to be as present as you can be with those around you. Don’t schedule every minute of your day. Allow God room to speak to you. When continue to do this, God will meet you with a deep peace and joy and it strengthen your faith as you trust him for your future and surrender to him your past.