What have you been feeding your faith? We live an oversaturated life. As Christians in the western world, the difficulty of growing in faith is not in our lack but in our surplus. And yet, with so many options before us, many people have a hard time choosing what is good for us. There will … Continue reading Communion

Celebrating God

When is the last time you celebrated God? When our hearts are focused on ourselves and our circumstances, it gets harder to remember the goodness and faithfulness of God and the incomparable joy we have in God.  Celebrating God is something we need to fight for and protect. It's something we need to be intentional … Continue reading Celebrating God


What are you most grateful for? When things are tough, it’s hard to think of things to be grateful for. But for Christians, there is nothing that can take away our gratitude. Why do we lack gratitude? It is because we are too focused on the circumstances we find ourselves in and on what we … Continue reading Gratitude