[FM] Notes: How to Study the Bible

For our final topic of discussion, we went back to the very first topic of our summer: the Bible. Every week, we've introduced different types of spiritual disciplines or what we've been calling, habits of faith. And although we talked about ways in which we can read, study and meditate on Scripture, with our limited time, we didn't discuss too much on the how. So, with the remaining last three hangouts, we took time to practice the inductive bible study method.

Leveraging Your Life

In this message at Global Project 2020, Pastor J.D. Greear speaks on what it looks like for all Christians to fulfill the Great Commission. Global Project is an initiative started by Campus Ministry Today, a ministry focused on supporting and equipping college ministries to help reach, train, and send students to the nations. Notes … Continue reading Leveraging Your Life

Confronting Crisis & Conflict

How are we to respond to crisis and conflict? Let us not cancel. Let us not avoid. Let us not quit. But let us trust in God’s sovereignty and pray for boldness as we act in faith. A new day has come. By His resurrection, the son of God shines like the dawn of the new day. This is the story that must stay with you. This is the story that will steady you. We have lots of chances of turning back. We may have already turned back at so many points. But let’s not turn back any longer. Let’s keep going, because we know what we are holding on to. That in the midst of it all, Jesus Christ has risen, that he is reigning, and that he will return. That He is worth fighting for. He is worth dying for. He is worth living for.