PIF Invitation Cards

Introducing Promise International Fellowship! Promise International Fellowship (PIF) is: "the English-speaking congregation of our Promise Ministries International (PMI). We are a church passionate about discipleship and missions, impacting both local and global communities through spreading the gospel to the next generation.” (http://www.pifny.org) Designing Quickly I've recently been given the opportunity to serve as the PIF … Continue reading PIF Invitation Cards

Ministry Design, Not My Design

Ministry design must reflect the ministry, not me. Design and art in general is naturally subjective and at the same time expressive. Through its different mediums such as graphics, typography, video, photography, music, lighting, presentations and the like, ministry can be enhanced considerably. However, due to the nature of art, it can sometimes bring tension … Continue reading Ministry Design, Not My Design

Design Resources

Resources are the most valuable assets to a graphic designer. Vectors, stock images, fonts, etc. all play an instrumental role in the creative process. If you're like me, an amateur, you'll have a hard time actually making the groundwork to build up on with your design projects. Using the work of other people, you can … Continue reading Design Resources