[FM] Notes: How to Study the Bible

For our final topic of discussion, we went back to the very first topic of our summer: the Bible. Every week, we've introduced different types of spiritual disciplines or what we've been calling, habits of faith. And although we talked about ways in which we can read, study and meditate on Scripture, with our limited time, we didn't discuss too much on the how. So, with the remaining last three hangouts, we took time to practice the inductive bible study method.

[FM] Notes: Journaling

Being a good Christian doesn’t mean you need to start journaling. This week’s topic is more of a tangent in that aspect since all the other topics we’ve covered do have a biblical push. So, what is a journal? A journal or diary is a place (digital or tangible) in which a person records information important to him or her personally for preservation or consideration. And if it’s not commanded to do, why are we even talking about it? Well because I think it is a tremendously helpful habit to do in our journey of becoming more like Jesus. Here are 5 reasons I think you should start.

[FM] Notes: Meditation

We live in an age where the lack of meditation has crippled the Christian life. So many truths of the Bible are overly simplified and spoon-fed to us. And in an age of social media, we rely too much on the short inspirational quotes and the opinion and experience of others to guide our own thoughts and decisions in life. And even though their revelation and truth is founded in Scripture, because many people live off of the experience and faith of others, when the trials of life become too hard to bear, our faith is not enough to sustain us or help us get through them. What does it mean to meditate as a Christian? That's what we talked about this week on Fresh Mornings!