A Call to Action

Prayer begins in faith but faith is not simply a claim to the truth. Faith is not simply a verbal acknowledgment. Faith requires action. It requires a response in our lives. We could say that we are free from the bondage of sin and death all we want but faith that is alive requires us to get out of the prisons we've been freed from. It's my hope that whoever is reading this, if you have been praying and drawing closer to God, repenting of sin and experiencing spiritual breakthrough in your homes, it is time to gather your brothers and sisters in Christ and call your friends to join you in prayer.

A Call To Restore

Through whatever you are going through at this time, it's my prayer that God is revealing to us the weaknesses of our flesh, the faults of our faith, and the deficiency of our fervor and through that lead us to a surrender to God. God's greatest aim is for us to turn to him during this hour. Because God desires to restore our wasted years. All our regrets, all our mistakes, all our sufferings. Everything. In fact, this was his desire for us before all this and it will be his desire after all this as well.