Reflections on Fresh Mornings

As students were planning how to spend their summers, there really wasn’t much available for students to do and I desperately desired to plan something that would be spiritually helpful and beneficial. At the same time, my friend Austin from Commons NYC (IG - @commonsnyc), who I had been dreaming with to reach college students in our city together came to me with an exciting opportunity to combine the strengths and resources of many college ministries in our city to host multiple virtual hangouts of various interests and out from those conversations, I decided to host a morning hangout called Fresh Mornings. For 12 weeks, we would meet virtually every Monday and Wednesday at 11AM ET for about an hour and discuss different habits of faith to encourage and challenge one another to try building these habits up in our lives. But as God does many times, it became so much more than that.

Fresh Mornings Giveaway!

Everyone loves a giveaway! As a token of appreciation for joining me on Fresh Mornings, I want to give a few of the participants a parting gift! All you need to do to enter the giveaway is to share your reflections on your time with me on Fresh Mornings! Click here to apply! Submission deadline … Continue reading Fresh Mornings Giveaway!