2019 Panama Missions

Support our Missionaries

This summer, our church will be directing an English Camp for over 2,000 children from all over Panama. The camp will be held almost entirely in English and focused on the Gospel. The country’s government is currently campaigning very hard for the youth of the nation to learn English. Over 40 schools will be closing during our English Camp just to encourage their students to attend! We are literally pioneering a brand new way to reach the youth of Panama!

You can be a part of this incredible and unprecedented opportunity by financially supporting college students to go serve and share the Gospel!

Join me also in prayer as we prepare and go on this missions trip. We leave for Panama on July 11.

Ways to Give

You can give through the myPIF app or by visiting our church website at http://www.pifny.org .

Our Mission Objectives

  • Two (2) English Camps for a total of 2,000 students
  • Gospel Presentations at local schools
  • Street Evangelism in the city and malls
  • Intercessory Prayer for 4-14 Movement in Panama
  • Outreach & Serve over 30,000 children at (3) Soccer Games

Missional Blessings

  • Encounter God and participate in His amazing works
  • Witness how He is working across the nations
  • Gain a global view of Christianity
  • Deepen the calling of our faith and purpose in life
  • Develop and mature our character
  • Strengthen and encourage the fellowship of the church

4/14 Window Movement

Interested in learning more about the 4/14 Window Movement? Visit our website below.