Slowing Down

Is your life moving too fast or not fast enough? Our lives are inundated with information through social media, news and entertainment right at our finger tips. We keep updated with our friends and updated on the latest trends and breaking news. And although we expect to be more connected with people in our lives … Continue reading Slowing Down


What do you worship? Every single person worships something. If they are not worshipping God the Creator, they are worshipping something else that God has created. People worship themselves or someone else while others worship ideas and causes. The fact is, the reason we worship is because God had created us to worship Him. It's … Continue reading Worship


What has filled your "rest" these days? The question of "rest" is in quotations because there is a rest that leaves us satisfied and another that leaves us empty. What we turn to when we have time to rest may not be bad in itself. However, what you more often turn to will determine whether … Continue reading Sabbath