Supernatural Faith

Faith requires that God give us more than we can handle. Because it’s only then that we have no other choice but to trust in God. If you are struggling with something right now, something that is completely out of your control, be encouraged knowing that it is exactly want you need to trust in God and know the hope you have in Jesus not just in your mind and not just by the way you feel but completely. True faith that overcomes fear does so not by believing we can handle it but in humility confesses that only God can do it and in confidence trusting in who God is, believe that God's will is good and that He is in control. Our passage today reminds us that every limitation magnifies how limitless our God is.

Supernatural Unity God’s grace is the only thing that can explain how a divided, imperfect, failure of a Christian or even a church can continue to be accepted by God as His holy people. At the same time, grace doesn’t mean we just accept the fact that we aren’t perfect. Grace isn’t acceptance of sin. If … Continue reading Supernatural Unity

The Supernatural Church

In our passage today, we see the early church go through their most difficult season as a great persecution arose after the execution of Stephen. But despite the persecution, and despite being scattered, verse 4 says “those who were scattered went about preaching the word.” Persecution, imprisonment and death did not result in people renouncing their faith. It did not lead people to quit or stop. Rather, we see Christians sharing the gospel, the very message that was the source of their suffering, to those who they met as they fled Jerusalem. How important could this message be? How important is the Gospel to you? The early church was in great lament because of persecution but as they continued to remain committed to the Gospel even in the face of death and imprisonment, their commitment produced a great joy that spread across not just the city of Jerusalem but the whole region. As you step out in your commitment to Christ, and build into the community of Christ, it will lead you to become a supernatural witness for Christ where even the trials and sufferings in our lives will produce supernatural joy.