[FM] Notes: Stewardship

In this week’s topic of stewardship, we saw that as Christians, stewardship means that we understand and acknowledge that this one life we’ve been given has been given by God to seek out all that God has planned to do through us and fulfill that for His glory. And that the key to this call being fulfilled in our lives is by being faithful to shine the goodness and glory of God through everything that we have and everything that we do. We went over the parable of the talents in Matthew 25 to illustrate the notion that faithfulness, not results and accomplishments, is what should be the focus in the stewardship of our lives.

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Fresh Mornings: Stewardship Join me on *Fresh Mornings* this week on Monday and Wednesday at 11AM ET as we discuss the topic of stewardship! We’ll also learn different ways we can grow in stewardship and I hope to hear about your experiences of stewardship as well! We’ve partnered with @commonsnyc to open this Zoom hangout for any … Continue reading Fresh Mornings: Stewardship